Israel and The Nations Becoming Family

"Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising..."

Isaiah 60:3

Becoming Family: Collaborative Projects

Our hearts are to align the nations with God's heart for Israel and to give believers from around the world practical opportunities for unity with their Jewish brothers and sisters.  Unity, for us, means becoming family. And to become family, we have to spend time together. We want to worship together, break bread together and fellowship with one another. It's an active pursuit of relationship.

Our ministry seeks to establish unity between nations by impacting worshippers from the nations with God's heart for Israel and for the Jewish people.

We do this by bringing worship artists from the nations, to Israel, to collaborate and record a live album together.  Our prayer is that God's heart for unity would be released through these albums and would stir a nation to bless and love Israel.

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We're an International worship ministry that facilitates collaborative worship projects and roundtable retreats. Contending for unity through relationship!

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