Jerusalem Arise (feat. Micah Mahoney)

Verse 1
Under my feet, ancient streets
Calling out to me
The cries and the heartbreak
Of a thousand years, two thousand years
How long, how long
Must we wait
For the King of glory to return
To His city

Pre Chorus
I can hear the sound of battle
I can hear the sounds of war, Jerusalem arise
He will be our strong tower
He will not be moved, Jerusalem arise

Oh Your Heart
Beats for Your bride, beats for Your bride
And Your Love
Bleeds to make us one, bleeds to make us one
Oh Your Heart
Beats through these stones, beats through these stones
And Your Love
Bleeds through this ground, bleeds through this ground

Verse 2
Under His feet the enemy
Has been put to shame
The cries and the heartbreak
They are over, they are over
Who is this King of glory
With pierced hands, and pierced feet
He has come back
To His people, to His city

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